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Offering speciality foods since 2018



From an early age I was completely obsessed with food. Not with just the food itself, but the way it brought people together and gave them a common ground to relate and open up to one another. Hosting and entertaining became an extracurricular activity. The fact that a group that hardly knew each other could somehow be inspired to engage with and warm to each other when the food hit the table was incredible to me. It still is today!

My culinary career began at Niagara College, in the heart of Ontario wine country.  After a two year program, exposed to a taste of many different international cuisines, my love of all things Italian was cemented. I was accepted into the Italian post-graduate program at George Brown College in Toronto. The program changed my life. 

A semester abroad in Italy opened my eyes to culture, travel and passion I had never experienced before. I attended Alma, International School of Italian Cuisine, in Emilia-Romagna and was fortunate to take amazing field trips to Chianti Vinyards, Parmeggiano Regiano productions, Modena to taste the Balsamics, etc. After that I completed a three month apprenticeship at Locanda San Lorenzo, a Michelin Star Restaurant in Northern Italy which was both challenging and inspiring.

Upon return to Canada I went to work at top level restaurants in Toronto such as Note Bene, La Societe and Nyood, as well as spending a summer cooking at Hillebrand winery in Niagara-On-The-Lake. 

My passion for travelling had been ignited in Italy and I spent my twenties visiting over a dozen countries and exploring their markets and cultural cuisine. South East Asia was of particular enjoyment and I have developed skills in Thai Cuisine.

A year spent living, working and travelling in Australia, and cooking in Melbourne, connected me with fresh seafood and the ocean. Returning to Canada I planned my move out west.  I became the Sous Chef at Christine’s in Whistler to get a taste for the mountains before settling here in Vancouver. I became the Executive Sous Chef at Coast and worked for Glowbal Group Restaurants for two years, then Blue Water Café before joining the opening team for Honey Salt in Parq Vancouver.

All of my restaurant experiences have given me an extensive knowledge of fine dining, strong work ethic and the skills needed to compete in the industry. Now, I have a chance to use my culinary diversity and skill set to help people on a more personal level.  Returning to the roots of my initial love of entertaining and hosting, I look forward to having the chance to work with you and indulge my sense of creativity!



These are some of the amazing vendors and suppliers that I enjoy supporting in my local community. Their hard work makes what I do to create for you, so much more enjoyable. To see their smiling faces and know that the products they are producing are top-notch, and that adds to the love that goes into the meals I prepare for you.

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